This baby video monitor ensures your child is sleeping safely

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breathe easy.

Breathing is the first indicator of safe sleeping. Rhythmic breathing means your child is safe.
Too long of a pause means your child needs your help.

Smartbeat is the world's first video baby monitor sensitive enough to detect your baby's breathing and smart enough to keep you informed.
No socks. No mats. No kidding.

This is Emma, fast asleep at 2 a.m.

Smartbeat is mounted to the wall above her crib. Infrared lights make her visible on the app even though the room is completely dark.

Smartbeat is tracking her breathing real-time. Were something to go wrong, Smartbeat's alarm will give her parents plenty of time to come to her rescue.

We need your help.

Use Smartbeat for three months and let us know how it can better support you in caring for your infant and yourself.

"This is a mother's dream come true. Now I won't worry about the safety of my newborn when I put my baby down to sleep."

"I feel an overwhelming sense of relief knowing that I can monitor something so delicate with Smartbeat."

"Definitely worth the purchase. I wish it had been available when we had our other children."

After his son was born four weeks premature

founder Nate Ruben dedicated himself to developing a monitor that would relieve parents' anxieties and keep little ones safe.