The Video Baby Monitor with Breath Detection

Smartbeat keeps watch so parents can rest.

Breathe Easy

Breathing is the first sign of safe sleeping, so Smartbeat monitors breathing in real time.


After their son was born four weeks premature

Nate & Sarah Ruben decided to create a monitor that would relieve parents' anxieties by keeping constant watch.


What to Avoid in a Monitor

Audio or Video Only
Regular monitors let you know when your baby wakes up. But that’s it.
Wearables shift easily, triggering false alarms.
Cloud Computing
Sending video to the cloud for computing eats up bandwidth.

Why Smartbeat is Better

Breath Detection
Smartbeat gives parents peace of mind by letting them know their baby is OK.
Non-Contact Monitoring
Smartbeat analyzes by sight.
Dedicated Network
Smartbeat’s base station does all the computing and continues to work even if your internet connection fails.


"I feel an overwhelming sense of relief knowing I can monitor something so delicate with Smartbeat."
"This is a mother's dream come true."
"Definitely worth the purchase. I wish this had been available when we had our other children."
"We've always worried about being able to track his breathing, and this fits the bill perfectly."
"It's a safer way to monitor my child's health."
"Smartbeat has been critical in my family's care for our infant daughter."

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