Smart Beat

video baby monitor with breath detection

monitor your baby's breathing

without wearables

breathe easy

Smart Beat knows your baby is breathing because it tracks how each pixel changes color when your baby’s body moves.

Put your baby in the crib.

Monitor from your phone.

Smartbeat alerts you if there is a problem.

wearable free = hassle free

No batteries to recharge

No gadgets that get ruined in the laundry

No waking your baby to put it on

accuracy you can see

Tested at the simulation labs of the

Mayo Clinic

University of Minnesota

Intermountain Medical Center

no energy emissions

Beware of wearable-free monitors with sensors that use radar or microwaves.

Smartbeat is as safe as taking a picture.

no monthly subscriptions

cloud-less computing

Smart Beat does all the data crunching without sending data to the cloud. That means no issues connecting to the server or limiting your bandwidth.

be there from anywhere

Stay connected from work or date night using

remote viewing

smart notifications

two-way audio

pan / tilt

add users

Share account access with babysitters and grandparents and get notifications each time they view.

super secure

Industry-standard encryption AND device-level authentication.

a window into wellness

Smart Beat is so precise that it can report your baby’s exact breathing rate.

If your baby has an oncoming cold, you will see the nighttime breathing rate go up by 25-50% a day or two before any other symptoms appear.

And if breathing rate is normal, then you know you've got nothing to worry about. All that drool is just part of the package.

peace-of-mind checklist

✓ Know your baby is breathing

✓ Use the safest technology

✓ Save money

after their son was born 4 weeks premature,

Nate & Sarah Ruben decided to create a monitor that would relieve parents’ anxieties by keeping constant watch.

smart beat lets you know.