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KDFW Fox 4 Reviews Smart Beat Baby Breathing Monitor

KDFW Fox 4 Reviews Smart Beat Baby Breathing Monitor

Thank you to KDFW Fox 4 and consumer reporter Steve Noviello for the review of the Smart Beat video baby breathing monitor



Who knew? Well, now you do. September is National Baby Safety Month, and here’s one product designed to keep babies all a little bit safer. 

Any parent knows that the first night when your baby sleeps soundly could just be as sleepless for moms and dads because you start to worry. He’s been sleeping for a long time, he’s being awfully quiet, or he hasn’t moved in a while. What’s going on?

Take a look at Smart Beat. It actually tracks your baby’s breathing. It sends HD video and real-time stats to your smartphone or tablet, so it lets you know your baby is alright. Smart Beat is so precise that you can see the depth and the duration of each individual breath. So, you sleep worry-free knowing that Smart Beat will alert you if the heart-beat is too high, too low or stops altogether.

The best part, of course, is it all happens from outside of the crib, so no additional equipment is there to interfere with the baby’s safe sleeping space. 

I will tell you I’ve spent many nights zooming in on the baby monitor going, “Is he breathing? Is he moving? Do I have to go upstairs?”