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Bethany's Review of the Smart Beat Video Baby Monitor

Bethany's Review of the Smart Beat Video Baby Monitor

Thank you, Bethany, for your honest review of the Smart Beat video baby monitor!

We are so happy that you love the Smart Beat wireless baby monitor and it gives you peace of mind that your baby is sleeping safely in his room. 

Smart Beat is the safest, easiest and most secure way to know your baby is breathing. Order a Smart Beat video baby monitor today.



Hi guys! Welcome back. Today I have a special privilege of showing you guys this product that I received from Smart Beat. And it's called my Smart Beat baby monitor.

Now becoming a first-time mom one of my biggest worries was wondering how well he was breathing while sleeping. I would find myself waking up constantly to check on him to see if he was still breathing because when he was born he was admitted straight into the NICU because he had low blood sugar.

Well once you're in the NICU everything just starts to go through your minds of what could happen but with all the features that Smart Beat has to offer, I can now have peace of mind while I sleep. So what's great about Smart Beat is that it is a wireless baby monitor so you are able to see your child in real-time through the phone app.

It also has digital zoom night vision and a 355 degree in and tilt so you are able to see your child even when he moves around the crib. You can also speak to your child with the two-way audio to help soothe them back to sleep. This app is also great for iOS and Android users.

What makes Smart Beat so unique is its ability to detect your child's breathing and movement while they sleep or even just laying in their bed and with the breathing rate chart over the course of time you are able to see your child's development.

So now thanks to all the abilities of my Smart Beat baby monitor I am NOW able to sleep peacefully knowing that this one is always going to wake up.