Smart Beat

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Smartbeat Beta Test

The video baby monitor with breath detection, Smartbeat ensures your child is sleeping safely.

Claim one of the remaining seats in Smartbeat's beta test!

As a beta tester, you will:

  • Receive a Smartbeat prototype monitor and smartphone app for use in your home for two months.
  • Have direct access to Smartbeat's executive team to provide feedback.
  • Ensure your child's safety and contribute to SIDS research.
  • Receive a 100% reimbursement when you return the prototype.

Additionally, you:

  • Will use Smartbeat to monitor your own infant. (For legal purposes, you cannot enroll someone else in the beta, but we encourage you to share with them so that they can sign up.)
  • Are the parent or legal guardian of the infant you intend to monitor.
  • Recognize that the beta product you will receive will not be the same as the final product, which your feedback will help to create. The beta product will not have all of the features of the final product. Some of these missing features will be added during the beta, while other features can only be incorporated into the final product after the beta has ended.
  • Agree to respond to Smartbeat's phone calls and emails during the beta test.
  • Give your permission for breathing data gathered during the beta to be analyzed and incorporated into medical research on safe sleeping
  • Give permission for Smartbeat to use your and your child's first names and home town to share your beta test experience with its investors and partners, as well as its audiences (via its website, social media, etc).

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