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smart baby monitors

Find the monitor that's right for your family in three easy steps.

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monitoring your baby's breathing:
what are your options?

choice #1

wearable or camera

Smart monitors fall into two categories: Those that touch, and those that watch.

Measures blood oxygenation or motion

Snuza: Diaper clip that measures stomach movement
Angelcare: Motion sensing mat under crib mattress
Mimo: Specialized onesie with an electronic motion sensor
Owlet: Pulse oximeter in a sock

Measures breathing rate and motion

Smart Beat, Miku, Raybaby, Cocoon Cam

Nanit combines contact and non-contact: Its camera tracks the pattern on its "breathing wear" wraps and swaddles. Requires using that swaddle every time, but at least there are no electronics on the baby.

choice #2

radiation or image analysis

Non-contact monitors that radiate energy to monitor breathing:

Raybaby: Microwaves are sent out and the monitor compares how much energy was absorbed against how much energy bounced back.
Miku: Combines image analysis with high-frequency radar.

These monitors use algorithms to analyze the color change in every pixel of every frame. Since they analyze the image and not an energy signature, they are as safe as taking a picture.

Smart Beat, Cocoon Cam

choice #3

in the cloud or in the home

Products are more or less vulnerable to malicious hacking attempts depending on how they handle your baby's data.

Cocoon Cam sends the video feed to its cloud servers for analysis before forwarding the data to your app. This creates vulnerabilities that can be exploited by hackers.

In Lock Down mode, Smart Beat creates its own dedicated in-home WiFi network that is completely disconnected from the worldwide web. Your baby's data can only be accessed by users who are physically in your home.

flowchart: choosing a breathing monitor

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