Smart Beat

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can you identify more than
16 million shades of color?

smart beat can.

That's why Smart Beat can detect movement too small to be seen by the human eye.

Twenty times each second, Smart Beat checks 2 million pixels for any changes in color. By analyzing those changes, it can tell if there is movement, and whether that movement is breathing.

Smart Beat does the heavy lifting so all you have to do is:
    • Put your baby in the crib.
    • Tap the app to begin monitoring.
    • See the HD video feed with real-time breathing status and alerts.





motion & breath detection

Smart Beat captures, analyzes and documents each breath

streaming audio

HD video streams straight to your smartphone or tablet

pan & tilt

See the entire room

night vision

Crisp views even in the dark with infrared lights

two-way audio

Listen in and reassure without the disruption of walking into the room

data encryption

Complete data encryption protects your privacy

breathing rate chart

Know that baby's breathing is at healthy levels

real-time breathing chart

See every individual inhale and exhale as it happens

nightstand mode

Battery-saving app view you can see even without glasses on

digital zoom

Get a closer look you can control within the app

iOS & android

Native apps for your phone and tablet

remote viewing

Check in from work or date night