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why was smart beat created?
CEO Nate Ruben created Smart Beat after his first baby was born premature, spending his first week in the NICU. His wife Sarah spent the next 6 months dealing with the constant anxiety that their baby would stop breathing, leading to severe lack of sleep and postpartum depression.

Nate knew there must be a better way, so out of his senior project and master's thesis, Smart Beat was born.

why how does smart beat work?
Smart Beat tracks movement by checking the color of its 2 million pixels 20 times every second. That's 2.4 billion data points per minute.

Every time there is movement, a pixel changes color. Smart Beat's specialized algorithms analyze those color changes to determine the actual breathing rate.

what makes smart beat better?
Smart Beat is the safest, easiest, most secure way to monitor your baby is breathing:

are there any guidelines for my blog, video and facebook posts?
Be sure to include a screen capture of the breathing charts in action (breathing rate over time, real-time breathing wave form, or both). To access these, wait until the status is "breathing detected" and drag the status bar up to reveal the charts.

The primary purpose of your posts and/or videos is to inform your readers and viewers about Smart Beat. We want you to do this in your own way, with your own unique voice and style, but also keeping Smart Beat's branding in mind.

Primarily you should include what you like about the monitor, how and why you use it, what benefits it offers you as a parents, and anything else that a future user would find helpful.

Use the following sections as a guide, but please feel free to add anything else that your readers/viewers will find appealing and relevant.

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frequently asked questions

These come from potential and current users. Consider addressing some of these in your blog post or video, if they are relevant to you.

Does smart beat alert me if my baby stops breathing?
Yes! Smart Beat sends an alarm to your phone when your baby's breathing stops for 20 seconds, which is a clinical apnea.

Is smart beat secure?
Yes! Smart Beat uses state-of-the-art encryption and authentication, and allows you to choose the security setting that is best for your family:

Does smart beat work with swaddles and blankets?
Yes! Smart Beat was designed to work best with safe sleep practices, so the best result comes when baby is in a swaddle, sleep sack, or other tight-fitting pajamas.

Does the app have to be running to detect breathing?
Once breath monitoring starts, you can run other apps while Smart Beat continues monitoring in the background. You can even keep sound on if you want.

Does smart beat only work on infants?
Smart Beat works at any age or with any size person. That means baby can never outgrow Smart Beat, unlike other monitors that require a sock, wrap or clip.

Can I add other users to my account?
Yes! Add other users directly from your app by entering their name and email address. They can then download the app on their device and use it remotely or on the home network.

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smart beat is the

safest, easiest, most secure

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