Before you start

Check network connection

Make sure your WiFi is functional. Smartbeat needs to connect to the internet during setup. After setup, your Smartbeat will work with or without internet.

Install the Smartbeat app

The Smartbeat app is available on the App Store (iOS) and Google Play Store (Android).  


Set up the camera

1. Create account

Open the Smartbeat app and tap on “Create account.” On the home page, click “Add camera.”

2. Plug in & scan camera

Plug in the camera and wait 60 seconds until you hear, “Hello. Ready for setup.” Use the app to scan the QR code on the bottom of your camera.

3. Complete sonic setup

Hold your phone in front of the camera and click the “Next” button in the app. The app will send information to your camera sonically. When it is complete, you will hear “WiFi information received,” and “I have connected to your WiFi.”


• Red: Camera is calibrating
• Flashing Red: Camera is ready for sonic setup
• Flashing Blue: Camera has received information and is processing
• Blue: Camera has connected to WiFi


Complete your profile

1. Enter your child’s date of birth

Smartbeat will use this information to compare your child’s breathing rates against the normal range for his/her age.

2. Move on to base station setup

When you are directed back to the home screen, press the “Add base station” button.


Set up the base station

1. Connect base station to router

Use the network cable to plug the base station into your WiFi router. (Be sure you plug the base station into the router, not the modem.)

What if I have a combined modem-router?

You can plug the base station straight into your modem-router combo.

2. Plug in base station

Plug the base station into power and wait 30 seconds while the base station starts up. Follow the instructions in the app to connect the base station. The app will notify you when the base station is connected and you can continue.


Mount the camera

Mount the camera to the wall with the hardware provided (either screws or adhesive strips).


Mount the camera close to the crib/bassinet so the baby fills the app screen (but well out of baby’s reach).

Older Infants

The camera should be aligned with the edge of the crib/bassinet, just 3-4 feet from the sleeping surface.

Run the power cord across the wall away from the crib and secure it with cable guides. Run the remainder of the cord down to the power outlet. Use an extension cord if necessary.


Using Smartbeat

1. Begin monitoring

To begin monitoring, open the app and click “Tap to begin monitoring,” then tap on your baby in the viewer.

2. Status bar

You will see the camera view with a bar that reads “Analyzing,” “Motion detected,” or “Breathing detected.” When it reads “Breathing detected,” you can swipe the bar up to see breathing charts.

3. Breaths per minute chart

This chart shows how fast your baby is breathing.

4. Real-time breathing chart

This chart shows each individual breath. A peak is an inhale, and a valley is an exhale.

5. Widgets

Tap the screen to access the speaker, microphone, image capture, pan/tilt/zoom and navigation widgets.


Important precautions

Smartbeat does not make any medical claims or guarantees that it can save a child’s life in an emergency. Smartbeat is promising peace of mind by displaying data from motion detected. Here are some tips to make sure the device is working properly and to encourage the safest sleep possible.


This baby monitor uses a WiFi connection to view or hear activity. Built-in security between the camera and the cloud server improves overall camera security. To prevent unauthorised users from hearing or viewing activity, always use strong WiFi passwords.



Customers use this camera and monitor at their own risk, and Smartbeat, its members, employees, agents, contractors, representatives, manufacturers, distributors and associates (Smartbeat) shall not be held liable for any loss, damage or injury suffered by the customer or any other person arising from, or in connection with, the use or manufacture of the camera and monitor, including loss, damage or injury suffered by the customer or any other person as a result of any defects in respect of the monitor, and all warranties, and any other liability from whatsoever cause arising, are hereby excluded and the customer hereby indemnifies Smartbeat in respect of any such liability. Smartbeat guarantees this product to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of 12 months from the original date of purchase, verified by a sales receipt.