Smart Beat


Smart Beat tracks your baby's breathing by analyzing how the pixels change color every time your baby moves.

Smart Beat can identify more than 16 million shades of color, so it can track movement that is too slow and subtle to be seen by the human eye.

To give you an idea of just how much analysis this takes, Smart Beat captures 20 frames per second, and each frame contains 2 million pixels, for a total of 40 million pixels analyzed every second.

Smart Beat sounds an alarm if it detects that your baby has stopped breathing for more than 20 seconds—a clinical apnea.

Smart Beat will also send a notification if the breathing rate is high enough or low enough to be a cause for concern.

Two additional notifications let you know when baby has fallen asleep and woken up.

When breathing has stopped, Smart Beat will sound an alarm on your mobile device that goes off even if your phone is in sleep mode, and even if your ringer has been turned off.

Extremely. Throughout the development process, we tested Smart Beat at respiratory simulation labs at the Mayo Clinic, University of Minnesota and Intermountain Healthcare Center. Our clinical trial is currently underway at Northwestern University's Lake Forest Hospital.


Smart Beat was designed to work best with safe sleep practices, so you will get the best results if your baby is in a swaddle, a tight sleep sack, or other warm pajamas.

Smart Beat can measure breathing on anyone—and anything—that breathes. We have customers who are using Smart Beat to monitor toddlers, children with disabilities, elderly relatives, family members with respiratory issues, and even pets.

Smart Beat will monitor breathing no matter your baby's sleep position.

Smart Beat does not include a physical viewer because the free app allows you to monitor from a device you already own.

Pro Tip: With Smart Beat, you can share Guest access with babysitters, though some families have told us that instead they install the Smart Beat app on the family tablet to leave with babysitters.

Yes. You can download the free mobile app for any device that runs Android or iOS.


In accordance with the safety guidelines of the American Academy of Pediatrics, Smart Beat does not place any electronics in the crib or on the baby.

It also does not place any equipment directly over the crib.


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If you are dissatisfied with your Smart Beat for any reason in the first 90 days, you can return your Smart Beat for a full refund. Just send an email to for instructions.

Smart Beat comes with a one-year manufacturer's warranty. If it stops working because of a manufacturer's flaw, we will replace your Smart Beat free of charge. Just send an email to for instructions.

There are four easy things you can do to virtually eliminate the chances of false alarms:

1. Near
Mount the Smart Beat within 2 feet of the crib or bassinet.

2. Clear
Give Smart Beat a clear shot of the sleep space. Mount Smart Beat high enough that its view of your baby is not blocked by the crib's railing or slats.

Take everything else out of the crib. Stuffed animals and bottles can get in the way, blocking Smart Beat's view of your baby.

3. Light
Make sure Smart Beat is not looking directly at a light source, like a lamp or window.

Position your Smart Beat so that it is not pointed at anything that dangles, like a mobile or curtains.

4. Tight
Use tight pajamas rather than blankets. Blankets muffle the movement of breathing, and thick blankets may hide it completely.

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