Our beta testers have had their Smartbeat monitors for more than a year
Here's what they have to say.

"Smartbeat has been critical in my family's care for our infant daughter. It enables me to check on her without disturbing her and to know when to intervene in her sleep, and the app has given us a lot of peace of mind as new parents."

Caitlin M.
Boston, Massachusetts

"We love our Smartbeat! Having a monitor that monitors movement and breathing gives us peace of mind when our little one is (supposed to be) sleeping. The clarity of the video is amazing too which allows us to see what's happening in our little one's crib. We also love that we can access the app from anywhere--it's so nice to be able to check in even when one of us is away."

Jenna A.
Eden Prairie, Minnesota

"This technology has given my family peace of mind. I love that Smartbeat lets us know that our baby is breathing. The innovation of this project is amazing and besides the camera quality is unreal. Every mom needs this!"

McKenzie C.
Salt Lake City, Utah

"Smartbeat has definitely made the difference for my family! It made the transition from our room to his room much easier. It has also helped in many different ways, I can feel comfortable walking away from my son when I need a minute to regroup or to even take a shower. My husband is military so I do a lot by myself with no husband or family around to help, and things can become overwhelming quickly."

Macie H.
Colorado Springs, Colorado

"We signed up to help test Smartbeat because my husband and I are both engineers/scientists and love supporting innovative research. We could not find an ideal baby monitor, and those that came close were expensive yet still had flaws. Smartbeat's breath detection is great because we don't have to stare at or touch our son to know he is breathing."

Caitlin Y.
Mesa, Arizona

"Smartbeat is amazing! It gives me a peace of mind during the night, I know my baby is safe. I can check on her without going into her room, which might wake her. And I'm not trying to guess if she's moving or breathing, the Smartbeat does that for me. It's nice to know someone (thing) is watching when I can't and I can actually sleep peacefully."

Miriah W.
Hurricane, Utah