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work when you want

Our mission at Smart Beat is to support parents, and we realize that one way to achieve that is to provide work that allows parents to focus on their children first.

So we are piloting a program that allows parents to complete projects for us working from home on a flexible schedule. Some projects require being near our company headquarters in Cache Valley, Utah. Others can be accomplished from anywhere.

For every project, we will specify:

All parents are paid at the completion of each project via Google Pay.

the happy path

In some cases, projects are simple and all parents need to do is follow the outlined steps. We call this the "Happy Path." But as any parent knows, the best-laid plans can go awry, and additional creativity and problem solving is often required to achieve the best outcome. We especially value Moms & Dads who can work with their Smart Beat contact to course-correct when necessary, or, better yet, can foresee and prevent potential difficulties.


Two brains are better than one. Your Smart Beat contact provides an initial concept for the project, but you are welcome to recommend improvements. After your project is submitted, your contact will review it and share any last ideas to take it to the next level. Every project has two due dates: The due date for the initial submission, and the final due date. Your contact will get back to you with any last edits as quickly as possible.

changing project scope

Sometimes, your recommendations will be so good that your Smart Beat contact will expand the scope of the project. He or she will work with you to update the due dates and price accordingly. If a project turns out to be much more complex and time-consuming than was initially anticipated, let your contact know as soon as possible so that the due dates and budget can be updated and additional resources made available. If there are problems, we will expect to hear from you early in the project, not on the first due date.

the process


Send an email to Tell us a bit about yourself, including the skills and experience you bring to the table. You may include a resume.


We will reach out for a phone interview.


To demonstrate your skill sets, we may ask you to complete a few tasks. If we end up using anything you produce, we will compensate you for it.


After approval, you will receive the contractor agreement via email which you can complete online. After we receive the completed paperwork, you will be added to our database.


When a project becomes available, it will be emailed to the parents with the corresponding skill sets. The first parent to confirm gets it.

With each completed project, your Smart Beat contact will record how it went, with future projects going to the highest-ranked Moms & Dads:

additional details

All parents are independent contractors, and projects are opened up as-needed. Compensation is usually by project rather than by hour so that you can work at your own pace. Some projects require being available at certain hours, and some projects can be done on your own schedule. You get to pick the projects that work for you.

All parents will sign a contractor agreement that includes a non-disclosure agreement. If completing a task requires access to one of the company's digital properties (ex: Instagram account, contact management system, etc.), parents will use Smart Beat's password manager and agree not to save passwords in their computer's browsers. Logins on these properties are closely monitored, and any misuse will result in immediate termination and appropriate legal action.

in summary

We are excited to see if this new model can help parents balance their responsibilities as parents and as providers while letting them contribute to a movement that literally saves lives. We are very interested in your feedback on how to evolve the program to make it more effective and beneficial for everyone.

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