Smart Beat

one-time payment $0.00

video monitor + sleep monitor in one

save $150

compared to owlet sock + cam

no monthly subscription

know your baby is alright

Smart Beat tracks your baby’s breathing with such precision that you can see the depth and duration of each individual breath.

Sleep worry-free.

breathing alerts

breathing stopped

breathing rate is too high

breathing rate is too low

no wearables

Just put your baby in the crib and tap the app to begin monitoring. It’s that easy.

secure & resilient

multiple layers of security so data gets to you, and only you

smart beat monitors and alerts even if your internet connection fails


smart beat is a video monitor + sleep monitor combined

breathing rate & wellness

When your baby is getting sick, you will see her breathing rate go up by 25-50% during sleep.

So if breathing rate is normal, you know everything is just fine. All that drool is just part of the package.

two-minute set up

frequently asked questions